[thelist] Browser Views/Site Critique

Lindsay Evans lindsay at redsquare.com.au
Mon Oct 29 17:21:29 CST 2001

Nice, not exactly the colours I'd have chosen, but still nice :o)

just a few things I noticed:

* the content isn't exactly centered in the page in IE5.5, and isn't
centering at all in NS6.1

* the browser is horizontally scrolling @ 800x600, both browsers

* Opera is horizontally scrolling at all sizes

* in NS4.7, the caption on the "this is me" image is appearing on the same
line as the image, otherwise the page is fairly readable.

* I really dislike the a:hover{font-weight: bold;} effect that all the kids
are doing these days, if you feel that you must do it, then at least change
the letter-spacing as well so that the text doesn't jump all over the

Feel free to disregard the last suggestion, that's just me being irritable
because I've got bad eyesight from staring at this damn monitor all day :o)

Machine: Win NT 4.0, P3 800Mhz, 512Mb RAM, 21" @ 1600x1200

Browsers: IE5.5 SP2, NS4.7, NS6.1, Opera 5

Connection: ADSL

 Lindsay Evans.
 Red Square Productions.

 vox: 8596.4000
 fax: 8596.4001
 web: www.redsquare.com.au

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> Hey there fellow evolters :
> I am the kind of guy who is constantly redesigning his personal
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> to see the new ways I can screw things up. :)

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