[thelist] MSN locks out non IE browsers

Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Oct 29 18:33:02 CST 2001

I think you are mixing up conditions that need to be met to conduct business
and refusing to do business.  I cannot refuse to sell you a product if you
meet the conditions that I have previously spelled out.  I cannot change the
conditions of the sale if I don't like you or at a whim.

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guy walks into a menswear store.  he's not wearing any shoes.  "i'm sorry,
but you're going to have to leave.  no shirt, no shoes, no service."

or, guy walks into bowling alley.  he wants to bowl.  "i'm sorry sir, but
you're going to have to rent a pair of *our* bowling shoes if you want to
bowl.  we can't allow you to use street shoes because it will mess up the

or, guy walks into skating rink with his own skates.  "i'm sorry sire, but
you can't use your own skates here.  you'll need to rent a pair of ours if
you want to use our facility."

simply put, the vendor has the final say on who they do business with -- not
the other way around.

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