[thelist] mySQL woes

Michael Goddard michael at tdh-marketing.com
Tue Oct 30 07:31:54 CST 2001

I have an interesting problem that is my blame.  We recently installed 
mySQL onto our Cobalt server using Linux.  Well being the idiot that I 
am, I messed around with the "users" table within the mysql database to 
set up a general user by changing one records settings instead of 
creating another user and now the mysql database is empty.  I did this 
using PHPmyAdmin GUI interface.

Oh $%#^! What the heck have I done! was my first thought.  Then I calmly 
went about re-installing mySQL to the server.  Since we have not set up 
anything live at this point, I thought well I could use the practice 
anyway and I can chalk it up as experience.  Well the re-install did 
not work!  The mysql database is still missing!  And I cannot access the 
    database via any user or even the root, except for the test database 
and that is only via PHPmyAdmin.  Try to use a simple PHP mysql_connect 
does not work.  So panic is slowly creeping in!

My question here is:

"Is there anyway to just restore the mysql database that contains the 
"user" table or any other table within the mysql database?"

Suggestions and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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