[thelist] Automatically Size User-Loaded Images

Tue Oct 30 07:57:03 CST 2001


You can programatically discover the size of images using
the ImageMagick library, accessible from most programming

I've got it running on my site:
as a folder where I can just drop images, and there's a Perl
script which calls ImageMagick and builds the image list.


Nice page!  Cute baby.

Thanks for the info.  It looks like the site is going to be on Windows
platform.  I'm now going to research ImageMagick, as this looks like a good
solution.  We're basically creating a web-enabled app, part of which will
have the functionality for users to upload a picture of their product.  We
want to sell this as a turn-key solution to a rather targeted market, so
keeping everything as simple as possible for the end-user is our ultimate
goal.  I see us basically using this as a way to limit the image size so
that it doesn't create horizontal scroll-bars, etc.

Thanks for everyone's help, it is greatly appreciated.


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