[thelist] NS 6 - comments anyone?

Chris Cassell chris at chriscassell.net
Tue Oct 30 08:17:20 CST 2001

I've found NS 6.1 to be really quite good on my G4. It's more stable 
than IE5mac, but does get a little greedy with memory, especially 
when there's plug-ins like flash being utilized. There is a 
noticeable lag when rendering new windows.

On my 336 mhz windows machine, it's not as reliable, though usable. 
Window rendering can be agonizingly slow, and the email client 
definitely has issues with large mailboxes. I would imagine that a 
faster processor would fix these performance problems...

Plus its support for css1 and 2 is a definite bonus.


>Can anybody tell me where NS6 stands? How reliable is it right now?

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