[thelist] OT: Toronto Beervolt! - How about Friday November 9?

Tara Cleveland taracc at home.com
Tue Oct 30 09:32:02 CST 2001

Hi all,

Okay, so we've had a few requests for another day. Preferably a weekend
and not
on the night before Halloween (but I was going to wear my costume! ;-))
. So
how about Friday November 9th? That gives a bit more notice. Whaddaya

<tip type="running out of tips" author="Someone else - can't remember
Every time you think of a tip, write it down in a little text file. When
need a tip, you open the file and there you are! (Course I don't follow
my own
advice anyway)

okay a better tip...
<tip type="image editing vs. vector based/DTP applications" author="Tara

If you are doing anything involving printing text or hard-edged shapes,
use a
vector based application like Illustrator and then convert to
Ready (or whatever your fave flavour is) to use for the web. Text, even
at high
resolutions, in Photoshop will not print as clearly as the exact same
text in
Illustrator. This is especially true for home made business cards,
proposals, charts, etc. etc.


Michele Foster wrote:

> Maybe a bit more notice and a weekend might be better for folks?  (I'm
> for the next weekend tho .. surprise bday party for my dad)
> What say everyone else?

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