[thelist] Yahoo "commercial" sites

noah noah at tookish.net
Tue Oct 30 11:11:49 CST 2001

Thanks for all the advice on this.

As it turned out, I wasn't able to submit the site without paying the US 
$299 (hence I wasn't able to submit the site). Andrew Forsberg's suggestion 
to find another category was a good one, and sitepointforums.com (to which 
CDitty pointed me) suggested that I submit it to a regional category - 
unfortunately, on every regional page that I could find, the "Suggest a 
Site" link led to the generic "How To Suggest A Site" page, rather than a 
page that would actually allow me to do so. I suspect that this "bug" is no 
accident, since it might allow cheapskates like me to register a site 
without paying.

Am I the only one who thinks that the fact that sites without US $299 to 
spend on Yahoo can't get listed does more damage to Yahoo's credibility and 
usefulness than it does to those of the sites themselves?

Anyway, thank goodness for the Open Directory Project (and thanks to 
Alister Cameron for pointing that out).


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