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Tue Oct 30 11:31:37 CST 2001

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  I see us basically using this as a way to limit the image size
  so that it doesn't create horizontal scroll-bars, etc.

>If that's your primary concern, and these photos will be displayed on a
>coded-by-you site, then the quick&dirtiest approach is simply to
>[in your display pages] hardcode the image size and leave the src as a
variable, such as:

>  <img src="[pathtoimagefile]" width="400" height="265" />

mmmm XHTML.

This is OK, as long as you're sure of a given aspect ratio. If the
supplied image happens to be 500 x 500, you're in trouble.

>It's not the most professional method, because perceived image quality
often takes a
>severe nosedive when you alter actual image size in the code.

I'd thought that too, but I've been pleasantly surprised certainly by ie5+
Mac & PC. Take a look at my photo album (I know, another shameless
plug. Colour me a proud dad):
Those last few pics are all resized, none by nice round numbers (like
50%), and they're nothing like as bad as I'd expected.


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