[thelist] Automatically Size User-Loaded Images

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 30 11:46:56 CST 2001

>  <img src="[pathtoimagefile]" width="400" height="265" />
>  ...   takes care of the "must display no bigger than this" problem.


(that's a canadian expression, it means...  um...  oh, never mind)

you're totally right, the results are sometimes acceptable
(except when they're not)

i love the simplicity of this solution, though (simple things fascinate me)

if this were for my own site, i'd take a look at any user-submitted image
at least once (if only to assure myself that it's not obscene) so since i
have to run an app to do that anyway, why not let it be an app that can
resize images without sacrificing quality, reduce the file size, and create
a thumbnail while i'm at it

as part of a turnkey product, thoough, it should be automatic

> Always code your attributes in consistent order

excellent suggestion

> For example, in <img /> tags I'll first put size attributes
> (width, height), then alignment, then whatever else . . .

unless it's src, in which case it goes first?   ;o)

> Blessed are the handcoders who use Dreamweaver also,
> for they shall go home early.

that's a good one

thanks david

p.s. fix your sig, your url looks valid but it isn't


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