[thelist] Whitespace on site

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 30 12:08:21 CST 2001

> Yeah I agree, 1000px is a lot of space, and I'd question the
> use of stretching an image to that size (I'd personally do:
> <div style="height: 300px>&nbsp;</div> or multiple <br>s)

hi craig

not to be too picky, but julia said it was a 1-pixel image, and they
stretch just fine as high as you want  :o)

>Like to hear how others have dealt with the problem...

make sure the last part (the part under the last in-page anchor) contains
at least one page of content

if it doesn't, then it doesn't deserve a link

harsh, i know

julia, on-topic questions are always free


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