[thelist] Yahoo "commercial" sites

Kimberly Carroll websavant at evo.net
Tue Oct 30 13:20:16 CST 2001

Yahoo changed their policy entering the business and economy listings.

"Only businesses submitting new sites to our "Business and Economy/Business
to Business" or "Business and Economy/Shopping and Services" categories are
required to use Yahoo! Express.

Listings in all other categories in our directory remain free with our
standard submission, and Yahoo! Express is only an option."

Many of the regional listings are underutilized, you can try submitting
there. I have had reasonable luck with that approach.


On 10/29/01 8:45 PM, "Andrew Forsberg" <andrew at thepander.co.nz> wrote:

>> Does anyone know of any other options for poor sites that want to be
>> listed at Yahoo?
> Try submitting to a category other than one under 'commercial'. But
> be prepared to get buried by a yahoo staff member 100 levels down :)
> Andrew

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