[thelist] Outlook 2000 Outbind Fix

Bjorn Aberg 8996 baberg at powereng.com
Tue Oct 30 17:27:46 CST 2001

Have seen plenty of questions about this problem, but no turnkey solution.
I might have one here for you...
The printer I was having problems with was installed on a Win NT4.0 SP5
"lpr" port.
Tried, on same Print Server, building an HP JetAdmin 3.0 JetDirect port on
the same IP.
Installed the Printer on it with the original driver, (same as on the
Outbind Printer).
Worked like a charm...
Hope it works for you too.

Björn O. Åberg
POWER Engineers, Inc. Denver
Phone: (303) 716 8996

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