[thelist] javascript: submit on error

me me at cgiguy.com
Tue Oct 30 19:30:51 CST 2001

yes, bill. it looks like this...


again, i am looking at it in exploder5

Well, its not exactly a popup, not in the traditional sense.
Notice at the top of the page, there is a white
box with a blue border, it has a blue border.
It sits on top of other text that looks like it should be readable.

I assume thats your page. http://accessibleinter.net

later dude.


>I don't have a popup on the page.
>Are you sure you meant me?
>Bill Mason
>Accessible Internet
>evolt at accessibleinter.net

>>At 05:40 PM 10/30/2001, me wrote:
>>Are you aware that the little popup box thingy on your page
>>makes it so that you cant read the top of your page?
>>maybe you meant for it to work like that. i dunno.

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