[thelist] recommended hardware for Red Hat 7.1

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue Oct 30 21:32:07 CST 2001

>In your experience, what would be the minimum machine you'd run RH7.1 on and
>be happy? This would be a 'learner' machine, not running powerful apps.
>Probably want to set up Apache from scratch on at least one (I've admin'd
>but never installed.)

IMHO: Peter's totally right. Apache + PHP + MySQL on RH / Debian / 
Suse (which is under-rated, and well engineered) will run on pretty 
much anything. You won't get amazing response times off it, and it 
won't handle a heavy load so well, but for development & testing you 
could easily get away with a really old pentium. I had a 133 MHZ MMX 
thinkpad 380ed (32 mb ram, 2 gb hdd) which I'd still be using if it 
weren't for a recent counter-stri... err, I mean, problems with hdd 
head reliability. :)

On the other hand, if you're looking at installing a bulkier back-end 
apparatus (CF &/or Oracle), you may be in for some trouble with such 
a low spec machine.

One caveat: if you're looking at paying any money for a *really* old 
box and you require X windows, check the docs at www.xfree86.org to 
see if v 4.1 still supports the card. Although you could always 
install a pre 4.0 version if you had to.

<tip type="fetch + bbedit integration">
I only recently found (this may be incriminating) that Fetch has 
extensively taken advantage of contextual clicking in the Mac OS 
(control + click). Control click a file in Fetch, choose 'edit with 
BBEdit', and BBEdit launches and opens the file. You *can* open files 
via ftp within BBEdit (v. 5+), but it can be a bit cumbersome, 
especially if you're frequently negotiating multiple ftp servers, or 
different accounts on a single server.

Of course, BBEdit knows to save the file back to the ftp server, not 
to a local file. What could be more convenient?
Andrew Forsberg
uberNET - http://uber.net.nz/
the pander - http://thepander.co.nz/

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