[thelist] recommended hardware for Red Hat 7.1

Andrew Chadwick andrew.chadwick at prnewswire.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 04:21:46 CST 2001

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 07:36:37PM -0800, Anthony Baratta wrote:
> [...]
> You can manage the whole machine via Telnet.

You should definitely close off that telnet port and be running
OpenSSH instead, though. Probably a good idea to remove FTP from the
server while you're at it and learn how to use the SSH suite's scp
program. Both FTP and Telnet transmit passwords in clear text; fair
game to anyone with a sniffer in the inmtervening networks.

<tip type="Remote web admin on Unix and Unixlike OSes">
If you're used to emacs and want to use it to edit files on remote
machines, you can run it on your machine and use Tramp
<http://tramp.sourceforge.net/> to access the remote files and
directories in a dired-like manner. You get the security benefits of
using SSH/SCP, and the convenience and speed of using your local emacs
setup for edits.

One thing the docs don't say yet is that Tramp paths for newer
versions look like /[r/foohost]/var/www/x.html and not
/r:foohost:/var/www/x.html .

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