[thelist] ilayer and iframe

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Wed Oct 31 05:47:38 CST 2001

opps, forgot to tell you that the problem is in NS 4.7

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hi peeps, need a problem solving pretty quickly.

Im using ilayers and iframes, im not massively keen on using these, but i
thought id do a site using them.

Basically the code im using is:

<ilayer id="htNAV" src="home.htm" frameborder="0" marginheight="0"
marginwidth="0" width="688" height="270"></ilayer>
<iframe id="htIE" src="home.htm" frameborder="0" marginheight="0"
marginwidth="0" width="688" height="270"></iframe>

I have th enice pretty vertical scrollbar in IE, but in NS the ilayer just
displays no scrollbar at all and doesn't implement the ilayer correcly - any
idea on how i can get it to do the same as IE?

the demo url is:



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