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Wed Oct 31 06:01:29 CST 2001

On 31 Oct 2001, at 12:29, Richard Bennett wrote about 
Re: [thelist] redirect all traffic to new server:

> I checked the old servers, but the mod_rewite module is not installed,
> it's a freebee server, so I don't expect installing it is an option.
> I think I should be able to delete the whole site, and then use a
> custom 404 page to do the re-directing, or something like that.

I recently did something different for a site I reorganized, with a 
new domain. All the existing pages on the old server are still there, 
but with no content: just a wait_10_seconds auto-redirection to the 
corresponding page on the new site (when possible) and the usual 
"please update your bookmarks" line. 
A custom 404 catches every other request and suggests the URLs for 
the new homepage, the new site map and the search page.

This way I can get an idea of how many people are still looking for 
the old site, and what specific pages were attracting most traffic 
(the client and the original webmaster never considered site 


Massimo Mezzini

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