[thelist] Software needed for blocking

Jasen James jasen at cbizz.net
Wed Oct 31 08:18:04 CST 2001

Hi people,

I am looking for recommendations for software that can block local access to
certain websites and /or also block programes which use the net, which would
include file sharing, instant message etc...

Thx in Adv,

//* http://cbizz.net *//

And the dues...

<tip type="Cold Fusion" author="profjj">
Coldfusion has a feature to send email using a tag called cfmail, however
there is no attribute for name of receipient or sender, just the to and from
email address/s.

To get this effect, the following can be done, 2 variables, 1 with the Name,
and one for the email Address, and combine them as follows.

<cfset Full_Name = #Form.Name#&" <"&#Form.Email#&">">

The same can be done for the *from* attribute also.

<cfmail to="#Full_Name#" ....>
~stuff here
That way it would have Names instead of email addresses.

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