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Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Wed Oct 31 09:29:41 CST 2001

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> "Javier Velasco [mantruc]" wrote:
> >
> > i've spent all yesterday afternoon and am condemmned to continue today
> > changing manually the menus on my wireframe documents to adapt them to
> > the changes recently made on the navigation map. (working in M$ Visio)
> Ever consider doing your prototyping/wireframe development in HTML
> to start with? :-) -- create simple components and include them as
> desired using your preferred choice of {SSI|JSP|PHP|CF|ASP|*} ...

i have considered it but never actually done it

i like to wireframe first in visio to achieve a layer abstraction
in the design process, first in paper, then on screen

the most important benefit i get from visio is that i can add
annotations next to the page template itself, like behavior explanations
(before even coding) and content requirements for the client,
it lets me print the whole site from a single document for my
development team, and i print to PDF to send to the clients through

thanks for the suggestion Hassan
i'd like to know more about the benefits of prototyping
in html, (besides speed to implementation)

i'm also following the conversation offlist with Ed

if there's interest mail me offlist (javier at nurun.cl)
and i'll submit our results to thelist


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