[thelist] Can noone help then with ilayers and iframes

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Wed Oct 31 10:53:14 CST 2001

Hi Paul, 

A quick search of Google yielded this link:

"...they are quite different.  IFRAMES allow you to use all 
the benefits of a frame, such as scrollbars, etc.  ILAYERS don't have 
these features.  If you want to make ILAYER behave more like IFRAMES, 
you'll have to script your own scrollbars and scrolling."

It then goes on to give an example of a script to do what you are asking.

Paul, when a question goes unanswered on thelist, it's either because nobody has an answer for you off-hand, or the right person hasn't checked their email yet.  Generally questions are answered quickly, but quite often it takes longer than 5 hours.  I'd suggest checking other resources while you wait on a response here, as there are no guarantees your question will be answered here, much less in a timely manner.


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> can no-one help me with my problem with ilayers in NS4.7 then?

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