[thelist] Uploading a web site using Dreamweaver

Bob Haroche bharoche at usa.net
Wed Oct 31 10:55:30 CST 2001

> not difficult
> just set your ftp address / login / password in define site ... web server
> info

That's right, but you might find, as many other DW users have, that its FTP
capability is weak.  It's helpful that it can sync your local and remote
directories, but it's very slow in transferring files and it can
occassionally lock up your system -- well, mine and others at least.  Some
people though report no problems with DW ftp.

Personally I prefer dedicated ftp programs like WS_FTP and FTPsync, both
inexpensive pc shareware.

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> > This is a very silly question to ask but it's one I have to ask it.
> Although
> > I have several sites in the works I haven't uploaded any of them using
> > Dreamweaver. What is the best way to upload a web site from Dreamweaver?
> I'm
> > assuming FTP but, is that just a matter of setting the remote URL  or is
> it
> > more involved?
> >

> should work after that
> hth
> alex
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