[thelist] Netscape 6.2 out

Ron Thigpen rthigpen at nc.rr.com
Wed Oct 31 11:27:09 CST 2001

Umm, unless I've been misled, Netscape6.2 is a branch off of the Mozilla 
0.9.4 release.  The Netscape builds lag the Mozilla builds by a couple 
of weeks, as time is needed to add the Netscape-specific items.

The Netscape 6.2 release notes page, 
<http://home.netscape.com/eng/mozilla/ns62/relnotes/62.html>, directs 
users to look here <http://www.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla0.9.4/> for 
specific issues.

The date in the browser string you are seeing echo'd in the About: page 
("Gecko/20011019 Netscape6/6.2") is most likely the date of the 
Netscape-specific build.


Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> It appears to be based on a nightly mozilla build from last week as the 
> about: link shows Gecko/20011019 Netscape6/6.2
> Using it now, *totally* faster than moz.9.5 in page rendering, new 
> window creation, and startup times(with quick launch enabled). I know we 
> say that everytime a new mozilla/ns release rolls, but it is true :)

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