[thelist] Uploading a web site using Dreamweaver

alex lepingwell alexlepingwell at btconnect.com
Wed Oct 31 11:31:32 CST 2001

> That's right, but you might find, as many other DW users have, that its
> capability is weak.  It's helpful that it can sync your local and remote
> directories, but it's very slow in transferring files and it can
> occassionally lock up your system -- well, mine and others at least.  Some
> people though report no problems with DW ftp.
> Personally I prefer dedicated ftp programs like WS_FTP and FTPsync, both
> inexpensive pc shareware.

have to say i agree - have had problems with uploading access .mdb files for
some reason?? machine locks up and i end up using FTP Explorer, but for run
of the mill stuff i still find the ability to upload a file directly from
the app is a benefit. or am i just lazy:)


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