[thelist] web site registration

Matt mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com
Wed Oct 31 11:43:18 CST 2001

What kind of content are you offering? People will register if the content is
premium or in some way unique, but otherwise they're just as likely to go
elsewhere. I don't mind doing it for the New York Times, for instance, but
wouldn't do it to check the weather at my local NBC TV Station affiliate site.
Maybe that's a bad example, but you get the point.

Bruce Lawson wrote:

> my boss is talking about making people register to read the content on our
> web site.
> I believe that most users *hate* giving an email address (and maybe a
> password too) when  they surf to a site. I know that I never follow links to
> the NY Times (say) because it requires me to register in order to go beyond
> the Front Page, whereas the LA Times doesn't.
> Am I alone in not wishing to give out my email address 10 times a day - or
> should i just accept it as an inevitable development of the web?
> Bruce Lawson
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