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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Oct 31 12:02:08 CST 2001

muinar wrote:

> Can you elaborate a bit on this? Sounds interesting  ;)

> >Ever consider doing your prototyping/wireframe development in HTML
> >to start with? :-) -- create simple components and include them as
> >desired using your preferred choice of {SSI|JSP|PHP|CF|ASP|*} ...

Well, maybe it's just me, but I utterly don't understand wasting
time "prototyping" a site in Visio or Photoshop - it's not like 
HTML is exactly difficult, eh? 

And if you use any kind of dynamic server technology (as above), 
you can easily make templates to include your standard components
(logo, menus, text blocks, whatever) in different configurations 
to see what works best (or what the client likes, or ...).

Besides that, you have the advantages that 

* you've got something you can put in front of people for usability
  testing without saying "imagine this is in a browser" ...

* you've got a start mapping architectural elements to CSS classes

* you can demonstrate, rather than describe, dynamic features 

* you won't show the client some PhotoDreamJive idea that can't be
  effectively delivered in HTML :-)

As I said - that's just me, and YMMV!
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