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me me at cgiguy.com
Wed Oct 31 12:14:52 CST 2001

hand deliver this to your boss?

 i run ecommerce for some fairly large companies
and i never *require* registration. from site entry to checkout.
website registration is stupid. at best.

we gather any required info on the fly.
for example, if you need shipto info, gather it after the customer
has clicked on checkout. Not when they first enter your site.

wanna run em off? do it when they first get to your site...
thats a sure fire recipe for failure.  wanna win? show em
your stuff. let them *ask* for it. then ask em for a shipto and
billto and cc#. bingo. now yer rockin.

to require registration to read the newspaper is asinine. for what?
if the ny times wants a cc#, just ask for it. but how exactly
do they profit by having some bogus info that i give them
in a registration form? they dont. thats how. they are only
trying too hard. and they only inconvenience me. oh but maybe
if i register for the nytimes, they could send me some sales crap
about a hidden camera or something... big whoop...

skratch at cgiguy.com

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> my boss is talking about making people register to read the content on our
> web site.
> I believe that most users *hate* giving an email address (and maybe a
> password too) when  they surf to a site. I know that I never follow links
> the NY Times (say) because it requires me to register in order to go
> the Front Page, whereas the LA Times doesn't.
> Am I alone in not wishing to give out my email address 10 times a day - or
> should i just accept it as an inevitable development of the web?
> Bruce Lawson
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