[thelist] XHTML validation question

Kevin D. White nonzero at well.com
Wed Oct 31 12:37:16 CST 2001

That's a rather elegent idea.  I don't know of any problems but I still
would not try it.  I would be afraid that a current or even future browser
would flag that end tas an unknown tag and completely ignore it.  You are
iviting the browser to decide when to implictly close tags.  Netscape 4.x
especially has problems with implicit tag closing.  For reference see the
famous no end TABLE tag bug.  Maybe I'm just too chicken.

Attaching descriptors to end tags is a really nice idea.  It would be great
if the W3C would implement something like this.
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From: "Tyme" <nopun at bellsouth.net>
> Having picked up the tip from an Evolter, I have taken a liking to
> descriptive end tags -- great for readability, especially for nested
> Example:
> <div id="navbar">
> ...
> </div navbar>
> However, after just validating pages at W3C, the HXML1.0 Transitional
> validator did not take kindly to these descriptors.

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