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Tyme nopun at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 31 12:51:13 CST 2001

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> That's a rather elegent idea.  I don't know of any problems but I still
> would not try it.  I would be afraid that a current or even future browser
> would flag that end tas an unknown tag and completely ignore it.  You are
> iviting the browser to decide when to implictly close tags.  Netscape 4.x
> especially has problems with implicit tag closing.  For reference see the
> famous no end TABLE tag bug.  Maybe I'm just too chicken.

TYME} Well, I can tell you that IE5.01 and NN6.0 have no problem with it.
However, one of my pages has crashed with NN4.5 (what a surprise!).  Not yet
sure if it is the end tag descriptors or not.  Will investigate soon.

> Attaching descriptors to end tags is a really nice idea.  It would be
> if the W3C would implement something like this.

TYME} Actually, for some time, I have had this on my W3C Wish List.  Had
planned to submit the idea/request, when I saw an Evolter make reference to
using the descriptor with end tag.  (Can't remember who. Hope they will
speak up, here.)  So, I figured there was no need to do so if this technique
was already acceptable.  ...Not exactly sure how to find more information
about this.  I am rereading the XHTML W3C docs now in search.


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> From: "Tyme" <nopun at bellsouth.net>
> > Having picked up the tip from an Evolter, I have taken a liking to
> > descriptive end tags -- great for readability, especially for nested
> tables.
> > Example:
> >
> > <div id="navbar">
> > ...
> > </div navbar>
> >
> > However, after just validating pages at W3C, the HXML1.0 Transitional
> > validator did not take kindly to these descriptors.
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