Fw: [thelist] IE and Anti-aliasing.

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Wed Oct 31 13:50:03 CST 2001


> Does anyone know whether it is possible to tell IE5 or IE6 to render text
> anti-aliased in Windows 2000?

    No, I don't believe it is. Is is possible, however, to determine whether
the user has anti-aliasing (or "font-smoothing" in common parlance) turned

if (screen.fontSmoothingEnabled)
    // do something constructive here

    Obviously, this is IE 4+ only, so you would need to code in appropriate
safeguards to prevent error messages in competing browsers. But, if true,
you could pop an alert or a window telling the user about the wonders of
font smoothing, and detailed instructions on how to enable it.

> Anyone know whether there's anything that can be set anywhere in Windows
> 2000 to get this to happen?

    Go to "Display Properties" (either via right click on the Desktop or via
the Control Panel), click on the "Effects" tab, and check the checkbox
labeled "Smooth edges of screen fonts". I think that this requires high
color or better, but most any video hardware supported by Windows 2000
should be capable of this.

James Aylard

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