[thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Wed Oct 31 14:12:07 CST 2001

One solution is to generate all the .html pages on the server (instead of
sending them down the pipe) and zipping them up.  Let the user d/l the zip
file.  In some middlewares, such as CF, this should be a relatively trivial
task.  In other languages, a lot more may be involved.



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From: <gregory.john.toland at census.gov>
Subject: [thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

: Does anyone know via scripting or purchased software how to automatically
: print web pages?  We have over 1,000 pages to print (don't ask why) and we
: do not want a user clicking 1,000 pages and pressing CTRL-P.  Any help
: would be great.  Thanks!
: Gregory J Toland

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