[thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

gregory.john.toland at census.gov gregory.john.toland at census.gov
Wed Oct 31 15:08:17 CST 2001

I have the HTML files already produced on the server.  These must be
hardcopies that are then given to certain users.

One solution is to generate all the .html pages on the server (instead of
sending them down the pipe) and zipping them up.  Let the user d/l the zip
file.  In some middlewares, such as CF, this should be a relatively trivial
task.  In other languages, a lot more may be involved.



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Subject: [thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

: Does anyone know via scripting or purchased software how to automatically
: print web pages?  We have over 1,000 pages to print (don't ask why) and
: do not want a user clicking 1,000 pages and pressing CTRL-P.  Any help
: would be great.  Thanks!
: Gregory J Toland

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