[thelist] difficulty with Autorun for CDs

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Oct 31 15:25:47 CST 2001

>I can get the info in the CD but when I put it into
>the drive it does not start itself.
>I have tried several programs without success.
>Anyone any idea where I should start ie a book etc....


I haven't followed these particular instructions myself, but it looks 
like he/she's suggesting a fairly standard procedure. If you're not 
interested in a mac & pc cd-rom, then do a search through the 
archives, there was a discussion about this a while back.

Here's Aardvark's suggestion at the time for getting a non-program to 
run automagically off a pc cd-rom:

>  WinOpen 1.2a
>  Open HTML files in a CD AUTORUN.INF
>  For Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, etc.
>  This program is freeware and subject to use under a license
>  agreement. If you use this program, please send us an e-mail
>  letting us know how you are using it and how well (or not) is has
>  worked for you.
>  TIP: Actually WinOpen will open any file type as long as the
>  computer running your CD has a program associated with that file
>  type (eg: pdf, doc, txt, bmp, jpg, mpg).

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