[thelist] Uploading a web site using Dreamweaver

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Wed Oct 31 15:50:38 CST 2001

I didn't see an answer to this question so:

Yes it's super simple. When you define your site you can specify all
these details for the remote site.. so in the case of ftp you give it
the ftp address, login, default dir. etc and then you can just
drag/drop, get put etc. between the 2 panes of the site window. 
It actually makes for a really handy FTP client that way.


Bob Boisvert wrote:
> Good day all,
> This is a very silly question to ask but it's one I have to ask it. Although
> I have several sites in the works I haven't uploaded any of them using
> Dreamweaver. What is the best way to upload a web site from Dreamweaver? I'm
> assuming FTP but, is that just a matter of setting the remote URL  or is it
> more involved?
> Any suggestions are appreciated,

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