[thelist] upsizing to/developing for SQL server

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 18:50:25 CST 2001

Well if you are developing a true SQL Server backend,
stay within SQL Server from development to production.
 If you are just setting up some simple tables and
want to use access, then moving to SQL isn't a big

However, if you have the SQL Server client tool
(enterprise manager) and using a version like 7.0 or
better, transferring data (from any source) is a snap.
 Whether it's SQL to SQL, Access to SQL, or even text
to SQL.

If you don't, it's going to be tricky if not
impossible unless you have someone on the other end
with some SQL expertise to get things setup for you.

Ther option is to just keep the data in Access and use
that for the backend, on this particular project.  I
don't recommend it, especially when you have the power
of SQL Server available, but that's a quick option as

If the data is small enough and it's a quick task,
perhaps I (or someone else here) could move the data
for you?   However, it's a good process to learn if
you plan on doing this more down the road.

Good luck!


--- Alastair Murdoch <alastair at cubeit.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm looking for some opinions on the best procedure
> to take.  I have a
> client who host their own site and have an NT4/IIS4
> and SQL server installed
> on-site.  Unsure exactly what server spec (official
> response was 'a big
> one') but I'm guessing it's that SQL server is one
> version back from the
> most recent, 6.5??

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