[thelist] difficulty with Autorun for CDs

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Wed Oct 31 19:11:23 CST 2001

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> This is of interest to me as well. Trying to create a Flash CD-ROM that
> run on Mac and Windows, so any information on this or links would be very
> interesting.

Although Flash for Windows can publish a Mac executable, I have never found
a way to write it to a mac compatible CD. My research indicated that it was
ultimately far easier to output the win and mac exes on a Mac copy of Flash,
then use the mac to burn the CD with ISO and Mac (HFS?) tracks on it.

>  : [mailto:thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org]On Behalf Of John Ward
>  : Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 1:07 PM
>  : I want to make a CD with differing information on it
>  : ie run html (web site) & powerpoint etc.
>   : I can get the info in the CD but when I put it into
>  : the drive it does not start itself.

Open notepad and type the following:


And save it as "autorun.inf". This should be placed in the root directory of
the CD when you burn it. Change "setup.exe" to the name of the program you
wish to autorun, and "setup.ico" to the name of the CD's icon in the windows
explorer (IIRC if you leave it blank it defaults to the err... default :-).
Autorun can only run .exe and .com files.


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