[thelist] CF and PDF - "error occurred..."

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Wed Oct 31 21:39:49 CST 2001


I have a site with about a Gig worth of pdf files that are being indexed 
using the Verity that comes with Cold Fusion Enterprise. This server is 
still using version 4.01 because I had seen threads where there were major 
problems with 4.5 and pdf files. It was my understanding that the issues 
would be "fixed" with version 5, but I have not seen any confirmation of 
that. Up until about a month ago, all was well. At some point, I think we 
reached a "threshold" of some sort with the number of files, or the size of 
the Verity index.

A direct link to the pdf file in the site will allow them to download it, 
but if they click the link from the search results page that uses CFCONTENT 
to send them the file, it will return "An error occurred while attempting 
to open the file."

I have looked in all of my logs, and that's as far as the error message 
goes. No numbers, no code to decipher. I have had several people tell me 
that just earlier that day they were able to download that same file using 
the same method with no trouble.

If I reboot the server, it's fine for at least another week. I can reboot 
the machine, but since this is an archive used for scholarly research, it's 
a bit annoying to the Members to have to wait for me to reboot.

Is this something that occurs after a certain point?
Is this something that should go away if I upgrade? (I have purchased the 
upgrade already, but was waiting to see what the word was on pdf files 
since this is a MAJOR part of our site offerings)
Is there something I can do with CFCONTENT that I am not doing?

This is the code I am using on that page:

<CFIF FileType IS 'application/pdf'>
<!--- return requested file --->
<CFCONTENT TYPE="#FileType#" FILE="#URL.ServerFilePath#">

This translates to

<CFCONTENT TYPE="application/pdf" FILE="G:\research\Archive\Filename.pdf">

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!

Susan Wallace

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