[thelist] Zope and Dreamweaver (fwd)

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Wed Oct 31 23:08:42 CST 2001

Other than adding "dtml" to the extensions.txt file, which obviously
wouldn't cover extensionless files, selecting the any file or all files or
whatever in the open dialogue box should work (a pain, but should work).

I'm sort of guessing here, but the extension is the important part,
otherwise everyone would accidentally be double-clicking on .gif files and
the binary would open up in Dreamweaver...


Anyway.  Not too helpful, just trying to lace the question with some
late-night logic...

> Hi.  Does anyone know if and how to configure Dreamweaver (4) to
> open, in document view, a Zope document or dtml method that has
> no file extension, ie a document that is called "index_html".

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