[thelist] IE and Anti-aliasing.

MRC Webmaster webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Wed Oct 31 23:34:59 CST 2001


> Thanks for the email - but are you sure that following your instructions
> actually makes a difference _within_ IE?
> I've tried it and can't see one anywhere.

    In my experience, it definitely does. However, I have noticed a couple
of caveats: small fonts typically don't anti-alias, and certain font faces
don't anti-alias regardless of size (these may be PostScript fonts rather
than TrueType, but I haven't investigated very thoroughly). Also, again,
make certain that the number of colors is set to at least high color.
    If you're still not seeing fonts within IE anti-aliasing on your Windows
2000 box that do anti-alias in other browsers on other platforms, then are
you certain that they are anti-aliasing in other Windows applications on
your Windows 2000 box? Also, you could create a simple web page that checks
if the fontSmoothingEnabled property returns true. It would be interesting
to see what IE reports from your various platforms.
    If all else is equal and you still don't see the anti-aliasing, then you
may have some kind of damage to your browser installation -- but that's just
a guess.

James Aylard

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