[thelist] NS 6 - comments anyone?

MRC Webmaster webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Wed Oct 31 23:42:32 CST 2001


> >From a purely web development standpoint, NS 6 is
> about 500% better than IE 6 when it comes to rendering
> css1/css2/xhtml 1.0/xhtml1.1/XSL correctly (without
> starting a regious debate here, my only say on the

    Unfortunate hyperbole. At most, Netscape 6.x or Mozilla is perhaps
marginally better than IE at CSS -- and that is arguable -- but Netscape
clearly has flaws of its own.

> matter for all your IE ppl is try using
> style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto" to
> center a BLOCK element (it won't work in IE).  This is
> css1 (which someone IE6 fully supports but can't do
> this, do I need to go on, if so, I have a whole

    Actually, it does work in IE 6 if you trigger the standards-compliance
mode with a proper doctype declaration that includes a URI.
    Many of IE's faults lie in unimplemented functionality (such as full
support for the <q> element and the resistance of the <select> element to
much of CSS) or display quirks (such as the content-centering behavior)
rather than in truly faulty functionality. However, even Mozilla 0.9.5 still
fails to submit form elements if their display property is set to "none",
which is, IMO, a functionality bug that is far more serious than a rendering
    Others on this list have done far more extensive testing of Netscape 6
than I have, and could likely provide many more ugly examples of buggy
functionality than I can. I am confident that many such bugs have been
cleaned up in recent builds, but I am also confident that some remain.
    Mozilla is still a pre-release browser, and for good reason. Its
most-recent release is far improved over builds released several months ago
in speed and reliability, but it still contains some serious flaws. For all
of its shortcomings -- and there are many -- IE 6 is relatively stable and
bug-free. From a development standpoint, neither clearly outshines the
other, IMO.

James Aylard

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