[thelist] NS 6 - comments anyone?

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Thu Nov 1 04:19:55 CST 2001

I have recently (yesterday) upgraded (if thats what you call it) to IE 6.
oh joy (please note sarcasm)...cute and cuddly icons!

First of all, i had some how managed to get a corrupt collcat.dll file from
IE 5 - which was crashing the install - took me 2-3 attempts to realize how
to fix the dam thing.

But, now that i have it - its ok - i prefer IE to NS any day, I am impressed
with NS6.1, slick, but I am still finding it clunky in some areas and when
it comes to Java applets its just no good.

IE is a pretty flexible browser allowing programmers to try different
techniques and fucntions etc...to make a site look nice and silky.

But on an early comment Mozilla is definately the pick of the rest, i prefer
it to NS and the only reason i don't use it instead of IE is because alot of
sites out there have been intially developed for IE and NS and if it works
in anything esle its a plus.



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