[thelist] upsizing to/developing for SQL server

Alastair Murdoch alastair at cubeit.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 04:53:12 CST 2001

>Well if you are developing a true SQL Server backend,
>stay within SQL Server from development to production.
>If you are just setting up some simple tables and
>want to use access, then moving to SQL isn't a big

It's a few tables, nothing serious or massive, it's more to do with me using
a package I've little experience with on someone else's server who have no
in-house support or knowledge

>However, if you have the SQL Server client tool
>(enterprise manager) and using a version like 7.0 or
>better, transferring data (from any source) is a snap.

I'm finding out today EXACTLY what spec their server is.  Like I said they
have no real in-house support, they just know it's an NT4 server and it's
got SQL.

>Ther option is to just keep the data in Access and use
>that for the backend, on this particular project.  I
>don't recommend it, especially when you have the power
>of SQL Server available, but that's a quick option as

In this case, it would probably work ok, but they know they have sql server
and they want to use it.

thanks for the help, I'll post up any tips or problems once I'm done



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