[thelist] Uploading a web site using Dreamweaver

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Thu Nov 1 08:47:21 CST 2001

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From: "Matt" <mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com>
Subject: Re: [thelist] Uploading a web site using Dreamweaver

> do you guys know if Dreamweaver  4 actually checks the server and only
> pages that have recently been updated? I stopped using it for FTP because
> old version seemed to upload everything indiscriminately without seeming
> check if it needed to, but maybe 4 does that now? That was the one (and
> thing I liked about Front Page, that it would check for you.

It does if you use the Site Synchronise feature. Checks the time/date of the
server copy and updates only if the local copy is newer.

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