[thelist] DHTML menus

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 1 09:31:59 CST 2001

so, if you surf over to greatarrow.com, you'll see a row of buttons in 

what i need to do is take the one that says 'Occasions' and have a 
2-item menu pop out (downward) when the user mouses over... and 
the two items will be images that match the other buttons, with 
image rollovers...

the Hiermenu script is kicking my arse, since i can't seem to get it 
to do what i want, and on top of that, it requires the menus be 
anchored off a fixed location on the page, or off the mouse... but if 
you look at this site in IE/win, for example, you can see that there 
is no hard location on the page, since window resizing alone 
changes they x and y of the buttons...

so, who here knows a nice, cross-browser, degrading script that 
can help me make those two menu items pop out?

if you need more info, say the word, i'm usually bad at explaining 
what i need... i can also post screencaps of what we want, too...

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