[thelist] Lindows?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Nov 1 09:41:22 CST 2001

Hey Kathleen -

Read up a bit on it the other day, sounds pretty nice(although I'd have 
to see it first :) for desktop users who want to escape some of the 
things of MS, but not all. It will probably be a linux system with a 
nice GUI like KDE and pre-configed to make win users feel comfortable..
Also have some pre-installed applications like OpenOffice, NS6.2, etc.. 
for productivity.

All the running of the windows software will be handled(more than 
likely) by WINE( http://www.winehq.com/ ).. its linux software that is 
basically a compatibility layer between linux and windows software, if 
that makes any sense :)

the nice thing about this kind of setup is the fact that a lot of people 
in corprate enviornments for example don't need Win2k or WinXp and the 
IT dept doesn't want to have to pay the licensing fees for it. A good 
example is a friend of mine who's an IT director at a decent sized 
company(750 people). He *hates* the fact that he has to pay full 
licensing costs for 10 people in the mail room, 5 in shipping, and 15 
secretaries to use Windows2000. they really don't need all the benefits 
of an operating system like that.. its kinda overkill actually. so, if 
he could wipe out 30 Windows2000 licenses, while still letting people 
run the applications they use(email basically), that would Be A Good 
Thing :)

thats just one example btw :)

its probably going to be that first baby step that alot of people take 
in the journey away from a totally MS based enviornment..


Kathleen Heytink wrote:

> And I checked out their web site http://www.lindows.com	
> Since I would love to wean myself from dependence on M$ products, I was
> excited to hear that there might be an alternative operating system that
> would support my considerable investment in software.  According to their
> web site, the OS will run both Windows and Linux based software.  Have any
> of you heard anything about this?  Opinions?

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