[thelist] What is a PG file?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Nov 1 13:40:24 CST 2001

Peter -

Make sure the FTP server isn't open to anonymous uploads.. I've seen 
this happen more than a couple times with open FTP servers.

Anonymous downloads are ok, just don't give them write access :)

For anything beyond that, gonna need more specifics :)


Peter Kaulback wrote:

> I was updating a clients site this morning through ftp when I noticed 
> the folder structured had been modified.  Their site was no longer in 
> their root but in a subfolder.  The root contained an ftp application 
> called Leap, a SITES.ini, a 100kb file called PG with no extension, and 
> an mp3 folder. Even the webtrends analysis folder is sitting in the 
> subfolder.  Obviously the web space has been hacked, what might be done 
> in the future to prevent such an occurrence again?

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