[thelist] CFQuery sub search...

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Thu Nov 1 14:20:53 CST 2001


I do have CF5 available, if I can get confirmation that there are no known 
issues with PDF files and Verity in CF5 (another subject) I will go ahead 
with the upgrade on my live server. I was hoping to find a solution for 
this that would work in either 4.x or 5, I am developing on my 5 server, 
realizing the risks I am taking. :)

>sounds like a typical "existing keywords" AND "new keywords" type search.

Is it really that simple? If so, I can keep their original keyword in a 
hidden field, and then use WHERE (MyField LIKE OriginalKeyword) AND 
(MyField LIKE NewKeyword)

I haven't tried that yet, I thought it was too easy...

>i don't think you'll find that these queries are going to help you.  if
>you're running cf5, you could use a query of a query.

I am working now with Verity and indexing the results of a query...

Oh - and the forums at  forums.allaire.com are an outstanding resource. I 
don't think that there has ever been a case where I was not able to at 
least get pointed in the right direction when I had a CF question. Check 
them out sometime if you have a chance, well, after they are back online. :)

Thanks for your help!


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