[thelist] Lindows?

Pete Freitag pf at cfdev.com
Thu Nov 1 15:03:49 CST 2001

Performance has been fine for me, on a P3733 with 392mb ram running redhat
linux 7.   Using X Windows, etc. VMWare will soon be releasing VMWare
Version 3, which is supposed to be much faster.  Make sure you give your VM
lots of RAM.

Pete Freitag (pfreitag at cfdev.com)
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> VMWare www.vmware.com works exceptionally.  It basically shares resources
> from your computer and makes a virtual computer that runs inside yours.
> you can be running Win2k and then open a window that has Linux running
> inside of it.
Have you been able to get reasonable performance?
I have P3 500mhz, 400+MB Ram, and although vmware is usable to see if a
webpage breaks or not, performance is very slow and not really usable for
anything serious.
I tried the performance tricks on their website, to no avail.


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