[thelist] October stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 1 15:40:11 CST 2001


October stats are done, and it looks like another nice month :)

Page views:	533,000(another record!)
IP's served:	68,000
Page views day:	20,000
Data Transfer:	62Gb
Data Transfer/day:	2.2Gb

of interest:

bit of a short month(28 days) this time around as the logs didn't roll 
on the 1st of october(i was in mexico till the 4th), but still a record 
month in terms of page views. top referers for the month were 
google(about 12k referers), slashdot(about 10k referers) to my 
apache/spidert article,  dynamicdrive.com(3k referers) to a m.e.o 
account, and macromedia.com(about 2k referers) to another m.e.o account.

top five members.evolt.org accounts were deadL0ck, djc, desflynn, 
cutrprinx, and shaddow. top search queries where 'netscape themes', 
'content managment system', and 'browsers'. various versions of 
Navigator were the most downloaded browsers from the browser archive.

the 'code', 'software', and 'visual design' were the most popular 
categories respectivley on www.evolt.org this month

nice job and a big thanks to all the authors that contribute their 
content, time and energy :)


as always, feel free to shout if there are questions or comments :)


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