[thelist] computer power consumption stats

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Nov 1 22:45:07 CST 2001

>Okay, so I have 9 computers. That's not excessive is it? It's only 1.5 per


Lemme guess: 9 computers + router / modem(s) + hub(s) / switch(s) + 
printer(s) + external speakers + monitors + external zip / jazz / 
cdrw drives?

Your best reference would be your (NINE!) computers' manuals. All 
machines should have a wattage rating on them somewhere, but the user 
manuals should have a wattage rating for power saving mode as well 
(and hibernation mode in the case of laptops).

Your peripherals with ac/dc converters may be a bit of a worry. The 
converters stay hot, and are therefore drawing loads of current, even 
when the peripherals are switched off.

FWIW, the power consumption of my most frequently used workstation, a 
G4, is: 240 V @ 1.5 A = 360 W. I'd say that rating leans toward the 
*very* high end, since the box powers the monitor via a jug cord 
(albeit a stupid translucent jug cord). It'll vary from box to box, 
so you'll probably need to crawl around under desks a bit to work it 

Fight the good fight! Each box is your friend. :-)

Andrew Forsberg
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