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martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com wrote:

>> I'm a reasonably good HTML coder, a reasonably poor Visio
>> user and a reasonably reasonably PowerPoint user. HTML is
>> the slowest of the three.

>Objection, your honor, apples and oranges.

>How fast anyone can code HTML in *their* tool of choice compared with
>their proficiency at picture-drawing in Visio/PP is pretty irrelevant
>to me and, I submit, to the entire rest of the world.

However, I would question anyone's ability to produce production-
quality code (and that's what you'd need to get the benefits you've
been talking about) in a rapid prototyping & iteration environment
such as that needed at the early visual stage.

That's when Visio or PP come in. They're rapid prototyping tools.
Sure you could do it with Dreamweaver or whatever, but you're
still going to have to completely rewrite the code for production
purposes, and meantime, you're struggling with all the HTML issues
of getting exact rendering because no visual HTML tool is true

>It's much more important to try different approaches and decide what
>works best for *you*.

Of course. But it's probably no coincidence that most IAs do produce
prototypes in Visio or PP.


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